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Honda Consortium and Financial Services

One of the most relevant projects developed for Honda was the first website for the sale of consortium quotas in Latin America. In its first version, the project allowed the exhibition of products and the customization of colors and accessories, bringing interactivity and aligning each advertising launch with the digital one.


Creation, Development and Management of digital assets




2007 to 2013

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 10.17.02.png

In a later evolution, the new interface gained a more usability-oriented vision, bringing the project closer to the virtual store process, integrating the entire payment backoffice and quota control in a more digital way. 

An embedded simulator was also developed on the iPad and integrated with a data collection system of interest to vehicle financing, launched at the São Paulo auto fair to help Honda's sales team.

Other platforms and digital channels

the web solutionHonda DNAit was one of the platforms we developed for training carried out at face-to-face training events with the entire team of managers throughout Brazil.

The solution had an app version to be loaded onto the managers' ipads, in addition to all access to the training content (management skills, recruitment and selection, administration, the simulator aimed to make the Honda DNA platform a tool for relationship and exchange of experiences among all the participants of the training, this project was developed from the planning of its UX architecture to the Technology in .NET.

Another Platform developed by Tritone was theHonda Dealer Portal.A management and distribution tool for media and digital files, with restricted access to people authorized by Honda's Mkt.









The platform allows media management (high resolution images and videos) and digital files such as point of sale material, logos and application guide. With a control module, every access/download and visualization request is  registered and generating platform usage reports. Another important module for the brand to understand and analyze possible insights is the Research module, which can manage and generate graphs and reports.


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