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Intra next

The web platform for controlling and centralizing the activities of the innovation core and evolution tracks of the next digital bank was created and developed to bring together various management functionalities such as material and equipment requests, team management, gifts management, sprint agendas and many other advanced intranet solutions. Two innovations of the project were the applied concept ofmaterial design  in your CMS, with 100% Tritone development and, being prepared for managementagilefrom the next teams, still very recent in the market squads.


UX/ UI, front-end and back-end of the new Intranext


next digital bank


2017 and 2018


Image Disclosure Next. NEOFEED Portal.

In the most diverse projects carried out for Next, the web application for the administrative tools of the next intranet, called Intranext, was one of the most complex projects conceived and developed by our team. Our approach for this project was the modularization of its applications as several tools coupled in the interface in order to serve operational areas, business areas and App development squads.

From the requirements analysis stages, architecture development, front and back end integrating with the bank's user authentication system, the platform was born to meet all the security, agility and usability requirements of its teams.

Digital Bank Call Center

still in the phasesoft lunchBanco Digital, we also developed the interface for your Call Center using the same UX and UI concepts as the app. Want to know more about this project?


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