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Next Study and Conception


UX Research and Discovery



Research for Young Account

In order to identify new features and services that are attractive to the young public of the  APP NEXT. Tritone, with its User Experience team, carried out an in-depth Study & Conception of the international market focused on the behavior of the Z generation. 

Whether as an independent account or as an account with parental control,  as  features, benefits and transactions identified in this segment were parameters for the journey design and specification of this product .

The  Research Desk and Research in UX project consolidated knowledge in the national and international market of mobile first solutions aimed at the Gen Z niche, always and mainly focusing on current technological advances and future scenario in a expanding market.

Delivering this robust research material to service journey flows across the financial spectrum enabled inspiration for innovative and creative strategies and opened  new possibilities for continuous product evolution tracks.

Research and UX for Vaquinha + Investimentos

For this UX research, our job was to analyze two similar journeys (Goals and Investments), but with different functions and understand their performances, characteristics and preferences. The research carried out by the UX team at XDesign  resulted in a totally innovative service for account holders of the next app.  References and inputs were gathered that helped to clarify and determine the  next steps in improving the solution.

User behavior was identified through a usability test (UX Research) for the “Objectives and Investments” features of the Next application.

  With allocation of  test infrastructures with adequate rooms for capturing behavior (software - Hotjar, Testr, Lookback, Morae Recorder), and the entire methodology for recruiting people with a profile focused on the following characteristics:

  • users with experience in investments via APP's;

  • users who do not invest and/or do not intend to invest;

  • users who save but do not invest;

  • Millennials, 18 to 35, non-customer profile “familiarity with the digital world”;

The services are:

  • Use of Usability Rooms - 3 daily and equipment;

  • Recruitment - according to the profile of users to be recruited;

  • Execution – Planning, script, questionnaires and usability tests for flows to be tested;

  • Analysis - Final stage of observation, measurement and analysis. All collected materials will be organized, analyzed and compiled to be delivered at the end of the work.


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