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Insights and ideation for new digital projects

Banco Bradesco's digital products and channels have always been in constant evolution, whether due to technological innovation or strategy and application of user experience. With that we had the opportunity to participate, advance and increasingly understand a segment with high capacity for digital transformation. This put Tritone and its professionals in constant update with the best offers and financial services, digital solutions with a high focus on the customer. Do you want to know a little more about Studies and Conception" and the immersion we did at Banco Bradesco? Come with us! 


Discovery, UX/UI Analysis and Studies/Prototyping


Bradesco Bank


In order to understand scenarios, new audiences, possible segments to be explored and the journey of these customers, Tritone developed what we call "Studies and Conception" for new challenges, such as a non-customer account, MEI account, Google Glass applications , applications and interfaces for smartwatches, interactive applications for concept space, interactive interfaces for young people and children, as well as portals for Financial Education, Elderly, among others, highlighting the study of accessibility for digital channels, created in partnership with analysts of behavior and people with disabilities who collaborated a lot in discovering insights for this segment. 


Consulting, bench and proof of concept in digital and printed format.

With vast content of interviews, captured videos and information in digital format, immersion consulting projects for new products and services bring together technical and visual research, trend and benchmark studies, in addition to prototypes and proofs of concept (PoC). Content was also created in book format, printed, with the aim of physically circulating between the innovation and strategic intelligence departments. 


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