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The SRM Asset group operates in the financial market and launched its Spin off TrustHub to be a 100% digital credit platform, focused on small companies that need to anticipate receivables. With a totally agile process, we created the brand identity, its UI Kit and its positioning to, in the next step, build the digital interfaces of its platforms through our UX/UI squad that, together with TrustHub's IT, developed the back end and integration with the legacy of Financeira.


Construction of Identity and digital presence




2017 to 2019


Focused on positioning and audience to be reached. The creation involved the entire process of brand identity, manifestation and positioning, color chart, typology and application of images, tag line and tone of voice for Startup.

With a full service service, from its launch to the first years of operation, we create video materials, websites and Ads to publicize the brand, in addition to tutorials on the use of the anticipation platform (which was entirely created and developed by the UX and IT teams of tritone). We help with the configuration of internal squads and also, adjustments and course correction in performance and media campaigns.

TrustHub Platform

Also learn about the platform development work carried out by our design and experience team.


Brand building and digital presence.
Discover our process!

Other projects

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