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Mount Eng.

Monto is a brand resulting from the spin-off process of a large group called "WTorre", focused on a new market niche. WTorre trusted Tritone to develop the brand's visual identity.


Naming & Branding


Mount Engineering




From a group guideline to create a unit focused on fast and smaller scale projects, Monto was created and its initial communication was presented through a fast track process exclusive to Tritone.

Thanks to our working model for communicating and launching a new brand on the market, the Monto group was put into operation in just over 3 months. The company seeks to apply its innovation and expertise in engineering projects that usually have complex schedules, but which, through agility, become viable. The essence of the group is the reduction of deadlines with fast, safe and high quality deliveries.

The Monto Brand

Tritone knew how to translate this essence of the brand, reinforcing it in its continuous line and in the solid way in which the word "Monto" is written.


Brand building and digital presence.
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Other projects

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