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FABI - Basf Agro

The APP presents FABI, a digital agronomic consultancy that uses Artificial Intelligence (voice and text) and other resources with the aim of answering everyday questions and doubts about cultivation and planting of interest to rural producers.


Bench, UX/UI, Naming, User flow and UI Kit





The project was to develop an interface for the functionalities of the Artificial Intelligence APP for users in the field, which can help in cultivation and in the best practices of planting, harvesting, harvesting and pest prevention and control.

The application involved the creative areas of planning and UX / UI, to propose a name for the AI, discovery for the benchmark of existing solutions and functionalities in the best agro apps in the world and planning of its entire interface, which continues to evolve until the today, by the internal team. Our approach brought, in addition to usability and design, innovation with insights into international trends in the segment.

The interfaces were built in Figma and our methodology follows an agile and flexible flow that allows the client to participate closely, making their validations by Sprints. Tritone's UX/UI teams designed user-friendly interfaces with a focus on user experience and design aligned with the technology and customer identity.

Zangão da agricultura
Agricultural engineer with tablet
Agronomist Agronomist


Our creation process begins with a large in-depth study of international solutions and the best national references so that the project can be born in line with what is most innovative in the agro scenario. The study brought an overview of cases and brands that use AI in an interesting way, while creating an interesting channel for customers, with language aligned with branding, reinforcing aspects of innovation for those who use them.

Naming & Logo

we observed that, due to their supporting role, virtual assistants and artificial intelligence often end up assuming the female gender. We also observed that they do not always use a humanized image, a personification, but the good examples are always careful to work with a personality, a tone of voice and a style of language.


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