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BASF AgriStore and Conecta

The first agro marketplace with an interface developed by Tritone, had the channel for offering products and solutions for the segment as one of the milestones for Basf's area of innovation and digital channels.


Bench, UX/UI, User flow and UI Kit






Partner of Basf Agro for the creation and development of digital channels, in addition to this, Tritone has already executed several other projects, acquiring an incredible vision of the segment in the country.


UX/UI teams have already designed user-friendly interfaces with a focus on industry expertise and the persona working in the field. 

One of the most recent, developed shortly after the Marketplace AgriStore, was the launch for Latin America of Portal "Connect", with the creation of Naming, Logo and KeyVisual (image below). The challenge, in addition to the aesthetics, of the UX and UI kit, was to suggest a naming that would have applicability and understanding throughout Latam. 

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