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Somos is a digital startup focused on credit from people to people. With a promising proposal for investors who want to invest and borrowers who want to make their dreams come true, the service arrived with a strong promise to meet a market demand.


Environment and Signage, Printing






A digital application focused on credit from people to people. Our ideation team worked with investors to create an interface that allowed the transaction of personal loans between people without involving banking institutions. This solution was intended to provide microcredits for the realization of small dreams and at the same time people interested in investing in a more advantageous modality than traditional investments.

The creative team of the Branding Tritone unit defined the entire concept of the brand's personality based on its purpose and legacy, defined the brand's positioning, identified the path and way to present and communicate its objectives to the public. With the architecture and design of the brand, we created the Naming, visual identity and the UX/UI interface of the web platform (hybrid application).

Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 11.44_edited.j

the logo

Naming started from the essence of the business model that unites two points and two interests: hand in hand, the union of  people realizing dreams and projects.

WE ARE is more than one, it is being together. It means being part of a community, belonging and feeling supported. 

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