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Real Estate Brasil  - manager of real estate developments that operates throughout the national territory focuses on the commercialization of subdivisions in residential neighborhoods. The brand was designed to serve a niche market with the desire to conquer their property.


Immersion, re Branding, Website and Launch






Using a Fast Track methodology, Tritone's BranDigital creative team carried out all the planning and positioning of the brand, key messages, brand territory and its  corporate identity, best suited to your business. With this, it established the basis for building its communication and the creative direction of the new website. 

We carried out all the action planning for social networks, and later defined the media strategy with the offer of developments launched in cities in the northeast of the country.

The work resulted in the delivery of:

  • Communication Positioning;

  • Visual Identity Mini Guide;

  • Verbal/Language Identity;

  • Key piece creation - Creative concept + Key Message;

  • Purpose by channels.

  • social media setup

  • Management and creation of pieces and campaigns

the logo

REBrasil's purpose is to turn the dream of living well into reality. The HOUSE, the graphic symbol that makes up the REBrasil logo, is a three-dimensional figure, formed by a continuous ribbon, where the green diamond represents a lot and the other polygons symbolize the roof and walls. 


Brand building and digital presence.
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