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Energy Pact

The Pacto Energia brand, launched in 2018, brought great contributions to the country in the clean and renewable energy market. Tritone helped Total Energia in the planning of its new brand and identity to position it at the forefront of the renewable energy segment.


Brand, naming


Energy Pact




With the reinterpretation of the Total Energia brand, our creation process reinforced the elements with a new approach and brand presence.  The symbolism of the drops was applied in the form of the letter P, uniting the movement of air in reference to the movement of wind towers.

With the definition of the map of actions aimed at brand recognition in the segment in which Pacto Energia operates, BranDigital built the entire identity with an in-depth study of the brand's symbology, verbal and visual identity, research and sound, conceptual route and positioning.

Brand renewal

The name's first initial, the letter P, was stylized to refer to the elements of the previous logo. We retrofitted the design with the same drops in the new design, and thus continue to represent the 3 renewable energies that are the core of the company.


Brand building and digital presence.
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