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The brand created by Tritone's branddigital unit, at the invitation of Urbplan, with the aim of  renewing its presence in the market and marking the beginning of a new cycle of management and internal processes at the company.


Immersion and Construction of a new Naming and Branding 






Tua Terra is one of the industry leaders for urban development, building planned and residential neighborhoods. The naming and logo translates a brand connected to the business objectives for offering new subdivisions. The sinuous shape brings strength to the organic element “Earth” and reinforces the continuous line of your terra language, a strong mark in aesthetics and perfect verbal language. 

The Tag Line

In addition to the new brand and identity, it was important to reinforce it with a tag line so that investors would understand the company's commitment to valuing their investments. Thus was born "Your Land. Transforming land into value". 


Brand building and digital presence.
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